Saturday, October 25, 2008

Travel Dog Tags are a HIT!

"I love this dog tag idea. We've been thinking about a simple gift for AltaVia clients -- ideally, one that can be mailed in an envelope.

I just bookmarked their web site. Very cool ordering tool, by the way...

Thanks for the idea, S&P!! Have fun in Cairo!"

~Rob Gulick, AltaVia Travel

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

American Tribal Leader Touts TravelTalkMEDIA Video


Great video and it will sure be a good bridge to other Tribes for future summits. Thanks and have a safe and successful trip.

Deni Leonard (Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon)

Click HERE to see the video!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Congrats To Two Successful Parents

Hi Sandy,

Was going through your newsletter and noticed the news about Michaella and Eric J. I would like to send my heartiest CONGRATS to you as parents and send all the best wishes and lots of luck to Michaella and Eric and a very successful future.

My advice to them …………… “if you want to be successful, follow the steps of your parents” ………… keep well and take care.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stanford University Professor Applauds TravelTalkMEDIA

Vincent Yip, a lecturer at Stanford University, recently sent Sandy, Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkMEDIA, the comments below in reference to a recent interview she did with Lloyd Lofthouse, China expert and author of "My Splendid Concubine".

"We are thrilled that you are able to take on unusual topics and be fair/truthful and not just be politically correct to please the majority. America is in critical times; look at the gas prices (I am cutting down my driving even though I own a Prius!!), food prices, high unemployment, lack of corporate moral, etc. I have been here off-and-on since 1965 and have never seen it more critical. If we don't reverse the downward trend, America will lose its moral and socio-political leadership among nations and one day be relegated to a secondary position UK (once an empire) is occupying now."

Vincent Yip
Stanford School of Continuing Studies

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The children of the Good Hope Kiwawa Children's Home
in Arusha, Tanzania.

Meet Filex Jacob Msalu, Director of the Sunset Art
Studio of Arusha, Tanzania. Filex was contracted to
paint this and other murals at the Arusha International
Conference Centre. The Sunset Art Studio features
creative designers of traditional and contemporary
East Africa Art. For more information,
e-mail Filex at

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ask Sandy: Question: Could online hotel deal that's too good to be true have repercussions in the end? Answer: Maybe so.

Hello Sandy,

In answer to your email - briefly:

If the price is so unrealistic, it may be unenforceable. The same room, plus the price during a non-Spring break, plus a bad weather season, might be a valid contract.

Just let me know when a good time for an interview/segment might be and I'll be sure to carve out the time.

Al Anolik
Travel Lawyer
Anolik Law Corporation
San Francisco, CA

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ask Sandy: Could hotel deal too good to be true have repercussions in the end?


Tried to get into your archive regarding a situation. We booked 4 rooms at a 5 Star Hotel in the Miami area for next year's spring break. The price for the room was $112.50 a night but probably should have been $1125.00. I booked the rooms, printed a confirmation, gave them a credit card number for deposit.

Can the hotel come back and say, OOPS, we made a mistake and then charge us the price they want to or do they have to stick by their quoted price? I could pay for the stay completely up front before they catch on to this or should I do nothing? Help!

Karen K.
Dayton, Ohio

[Stayed tuned to Sandy's Travel Blog for an answer!]

A Mother's Day Thank you

Hi Sandy,

I want to thank you for playing my interview this morning on your show. I do appreciate your help and support. I am so impressed with your accompaniments and your interview skills.

I'm in the process of updating my online class and textbook. Each week I hear something else I want to include. I've also used your website and a number of your sponsors and listed websites as additional resources for my students.

Hope you're making time for fun on your journey. Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you again,

Cherie Anderson
Professional Tour Management Training